Hire an Alameda Intellectual Property Lawyer to Protect Your Ingenuity

Scott Dallas has extensive experience as an Alameda area attorney in business and transactional law.  One area of focus of his practice is as an intellectual property lawyer. Although his practice is based in Berkeley, Attorney Dallas and his family live in Alameda. They understand the vital role that small businesses, artists, and innovators play in our Bay Area communities. Every business owner, artist, inventor, and creator deserves the right to create freely, with the security that his/her intellectual property is protected, and cannot be co-opted by another individual or entity. We work with Bay Area innovators and businesses to develop and protect their unique and individual flavors.

Hire an Alameda Intellectual Property Lawyer to Protect Your Innovations

If you are in the process of developing your logo, slogan, or other distinctive items that will form a branded image in the minds of your consumers, it is legally registered so others cannot use it for their own benefit and/or profit. Scott will work closely with you to do the in-depth research at the state and federal levels to ensure your ideas are not similar to those that re currently registered. Once we have established that your marks are eligible to be registered, we will provide legal assistance and guidance as you work through the federal registration, or trademarking, process.

When your ideas are legally registered, through the USPTO registration process, it is much more difficult for others to copy them or infringe on your rights, and you will be legally protected if they do. Once you have completed the necessary registration process, we will ensure the ensuing paperwork, and any further actions required, are handled expediently.

Already have a registered trademark? Let us help you manage your trademark portfolio by ensuring your registration renewals are completed on time, and that registrants of similar marks are opposed immediately and successfully. If and when anyone infringes on your trademark, we will be there to handle your case to make sure the offenders cease and desist infringement immediately. If they don’t comply, our attorneys will work aggressively on your behalf until they do.

Trademark and Licensing Assignment. In this modern world of social media sharing, the more people who have access to your trademarks, the better in order to promote your business. However, for optimal licensing opportunities, you need to have well crafted trademark and licensing agreements in place. We will work with you to create clearly drawn licensing agreements that protect your intellectual property, while allowing it to be used auspiciously to promote and grow your business. We can also assist you if the time comes when you are ready to to transfer your proprietary rights, and ensure that the values of your proprietary assets have been properly assessed and are handled accordingly.

Unfair Competition and Trade Secret Issues. If you are a business owner, there is a chance a current or former employee will the skills, knowledge, and/or training you provided in order to compete with you through another business, or by starting their own company. Competitors may find a way to improperly access your trade secrets. California has very lenient laws, which are considered to be employee-friendly, when it comes to unfair competition regulation. However, there are times when our legal services can help to protect your rights.

One of the best ways to protect yourself against unfair competition is to use an experienced intellectual property lawyer. Our firm will assist you in drafting confidentiality agreements and other safety nets that will protect your proprietary information, and trade secrets, before they can be shared or used by others. Confidential information, or trade secrets, can include things like:

  • Recipes
  • Formulas
  • Customer information
  • Compilation devices

In many cases, these trade secrets are the source of your business’ profitability. As such, violators can be prosecuted and you may be entitled to damages and lost profits. Our law firm will work with you to legally protect your intellectual assets, and will be there to represent you aggressively. We can assist you in recovering lost profits when your trade secrets have been misappropriated by others.

Contact an Alameda Intellectual Property Lawyer to Safeguard Your Assets

The Law Office of Scott R. Dallas looks forward to discussing your needs to see how our services can help to safeguard your intellectual property, or to provide effective counsel when you are in the midst of trademark infringement, unfair competition, or trade secret disputes.