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At the Law Office of Scott R. Dallas, we work on behalf of employees andemployers in order to keep an honest and open perspective of both sides. While our main office is located in Berkeley, Attorney Scott Dallas and his family reside in Alameda and believe supporting local businesses is vital for our  community. Attorney Dallas is a member of several business-oriented associations, such as The Greater Alameda Business Association and the Alameda Business Network, and also participates in several community outreach programs such as the Alameda Welfare Council.  This provides him with a localized perspective of Alameda business owners’ and workers’ needs.

Scott Dallas understands the value of honesty and integrity when it comes to business dealings and working relationships. He works diligently to ensure the rights of every individual are protected when necessary.

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Once we have met, and we agree our services will benefit you, our attorneys will commence an in-depth assessment of your situation. Our ultimate goal is to provide creative solutions to resolve your situation efficiently and effectively so you can get back to work. However, if necessary, we will provide aggressive representation on your behalf.
The Law Office of Scott Dallas can assist you with:

Wage and Hour Disputes

The laws regarding fair employee compensation are not as straight forward as many would believe. There are overlapping federal, state, and even local, laws that can make it difficult to understand exactly where legal lines are drawn.

Whether you are an employee who feels you have been inadequately compensated for work time, over time, or vacation compensation, or you are an employer who needs to protect yourself against liabilities and/or penalties, we will help to guide you smoothly through the process. We can educate and counsel you regarding:

  • Minimum wage regulations
  • Details surrounding overtime and exemptions
  • Vacation and sick pay
  • Questions regrading tips
  • Confusion about meal and rest breaks
  • Final paychecks or unpaid wages

We can also help new or restructuring business owners to develop policies to minimize risk.

Alameda Employment Lawyer

Workplace Harassment

If you are experiencing, or have been charged with, harassment or workplace discrimination, the waters may appear murky. There is a fine line between what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of conversation and verbal banter, as well as physical boundaries, hiring and promoting practices, and wage increases. It is important that everyone in a business, from owners and managers, down to the most recent hires, understand what the legal boundaries are.

Areas that fall under the umbrella of workplace discrimination and harassment include:

  • Discrimination based on color, race, nationality, religion, disability, age, pregnancy, sex and sexual orientation.
  • Terminating an employee for reporting of fraudulent business practices or reporting/refusing to work in unsafe working conditions.
  • Refusing to promote or demoting, or wrongful termination of an employee due to non-work related issues
  • Passively overlooking discriminatory and/or offensive behavior/conversation to take place in the work environment.
  • Feeling like your position at work is threatened by an unwillingness to accept/participate in unwanted remarks and/or advances

Our law firm will evaluate your case, determine your rights in regards to the situation, and create a legal plan to take action accordingly.

Wrongful Termination and Employee Retaliation

Again, this is an area where the waters can become murky, especially in the state of California. Ours is considered and “at will” employment state, which means that employers are allowed to terminate employees at will, anytime, and for any reason. However, there is a narrow margin of exceptions that include:

  • Terminating an employee based on discrimination of their race, color, nationality, religion, disability, age, pregnancy, sex and/or sexual orientation.
  • Reporting unsafe working conditions
  • Making an accusation of sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Filing a worker’s compensation claim in accordance with the Family Medical Leave Act

Situations involving wrongful termination and/or employee retaliation can become very emotionally charged. Our lawyers are excellent at providing sound counsel, advisement, and effective representation.

Employee Handbooks and Workplace Policy Development

In order to avoid the situations listed above, it is important for businesses to create written workplace policies, and draft them into a comprehensible employee handbook. Not only does this serve as a clear education to employees about what is and isn’t acceptable in the workplace, it can help to provide clear guidelines as to how policies and procedures will move forward when lines are crossed. Our lawyers can get to know your business and will work with you to draft and/or review your company policies and accompanying documents, including:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Disciplinary and/or termination letters
  • Employment contracts
  • Severance and settlement agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements

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The Law Office of Scott R. Dallas looks forward to learning about you, and your business, in order to create the legal strategies that will facilitate your future success.